Over thirty years ago, we purchased and disposed of the assets of White Front Stores. Although unaware of it at the time, this revolutionized the way companies would dispose of assets. The new business gained national recognition in 1975 when the U.S. Bankruptcy Court appointed Nassi to handle the asset disposition of 989 W.T. Grant Stores. Since that time, The Nassi Group has evolved into one of the most highly respected consumer inventory consultants in the country.

Consistent with its origins, The Nassi Group continues to specialize in the planning, promotion and management of asset dispositions. We also provide inventory appraisals in connection with extension of credit transactions.

  Tiger Capital Group
Tiger Capital Group was formed by the principals of The Nassi Group, Alco Capital Group, LLC and Stephen Goldberger in 2001 and is engaged in the promotion and management of store closing events for both struggling and healthy retailers. In addition, Tiger Capital Group prepares asset appraisals and acts as a consultant to retail chains and financial professionals.

Tiger Valuation Services
Tiger Valuation Services is an inventory appraisal and advisory firm focusing on consumer and industrial companies.